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She’s Four!! March 10, 2011

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My little one will be 4 on Wednesday. It really it true about just how fast time flies by. I remember right after giving birth, asking the midwife if I could go home yet.

M is always a delight, singing, sharing things she finds delicious, loves reading books, dinosaurs, princesses, cartoons, swinging, helping to garden (she’s going to grow watermelons this year!), and loves to play with her cousins. Her favourite ice cream is chocolate, she loves broccoli, carrots, and peas, loves meatballs, and usually only eats the frosting from cakes or cupcakes. She loves to meet new kids, so playing at the park and going to Story Time at the library are favourite activities.

We were planning to celebrate M’s birthday at the park, but due to the weather, it’s going to be at Chuck E Cheese. I’ll still be making her a fun cake (this year it will green with a Tom and Jerry figurine on top) and we hope to have lots of family and friends with us.

Her first big girl decision? Getting her hair trimmed! We’ve been suggesting top her that it was a great idea, and taking her with both of us frequently when we get our hair cut. M was convinced cutting her hair would hurt, and despite seeing that it didn’t, she kept saying “No thanks”. Suddenly, this past week, she decided she would be ok with getting her hair cut. I asked if she wanted to go with me, and I would go first, and then she would go. She agreed that that would work.

So in the chair I went, getting my hair cut, and she was the entertainment for the others sitting in the waiting area. She would show off her Ducky dinosaur, and tell them how she was getting her hair cut. Finally, it was her turn, and she climbed into the chair like a pro. She asked about the apron, and the neck tissue guard. She told the lady it was ok for her to spray the detangler, so she could smell like flowers.

This first snip!

The stylist attached the first snip to a little fold over card, and wrote down the time, place and date of her first hair cut, which will go into her baby book.  M said “It didn’t hurt!” when the stylist showed her the first cut. She was a really good listener when ever the stylist asked her to move a certain way, or look up or down. She was also surprised at the hair on the apron and floor when it was done.  Afterward, she got to pick a sucker for being good, and showed off her new hair to everyone once we got home.

Duckie approves!

No more split ends and hopefully, less tangling!

So here is to 4 years, and to New and BIGGER adventures M!