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Easter…(2010) March 10, 2011

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I hope, if you celebrated the past holiday, that you enjoyed yourself! We went to an Easter Egg hunt event put on by a local radio station, 100.7 Wolf. The Mr. heard of it on the radio, and decided he wanted to check it out instead of our regular egg hunt at our community church, Sound Life.

We arrived early to the park, in order to have lunch and let M run around and have a bit of fun. After eating our lunch, we took a walk and M saw a gazebo. She was excited that she could get in it, and pretended it was her house. We then walked over to the egg hunt area, and I began knitting on a scarf, while M and the Mr. played tag, and she also picked some little daisies for me.

The crowd just continued to grow larger and larger as we waited. The station started to play music for the crowd, as well as hand out stickers, rub on tattoos, and a few other mementos. The egg hunt was to start at 1 pm, and the radio station announced that the host of the even, Fitz, was yet to arrive, so it would be slightly delayed (about 10 minutes). I asked Mr. if he wanted to stay, and he said yes, since M was excited to hunt for eggs.

When Fitz arrived, he went of the rules again ,and announced the prize giveaways (a bunch of different coupons for local businesses and Wii’s). Because of the Wii giveaway, the crowd was very large. Mr. assured me it would be cool, since the radio had been announcing prior that they would have thousands of eggs. He was (of course) still hoping to win a Wii, and M was just excited to find eggs, regardless of what was actual in them, though candy would be a big hit []

To our dismay, and the entire crowds, they station had only prepared about 5 half filled garbage bags of eggs, not nearly enough for the crowd of thousands who had shown up. I’d venture to guess they didn’t even had a 1000 eggs total. Because of the way this was set up, it was pretty doomed to be a big disappointment to the kids. With all the adults and teens, there was no way the younger kids would even get a chance to see the eggs, let alone pick one up. Mr. held on to M, and I decided to step out of the crowd. M was a little sad (she is a big trouper though, and didn’t cry, but did say she wanted to hunt for eggs). Mr said he saw people grabbing bunches of eggs, and a few smaller kids getting knocked over. Pretty sad what people will do just to win a damn gaming system.

Over all, it was a disappointment, because of peoples behavior. We saw posted comments afterward, of people complaining about the free prizes they got, as well as some generous people who gave away their eggs to cheer up other children. We left as soon as Mr. and M exited the egg hunt crowd, so we were not present for the aftermath. It seems a lot of kids got separated from the parents in the crowd, and as Fitz was trying to help, greedy people were more interested in getting their prizes, than helping families.

I really hope the station learned to be more prepared, and perhaps they also will wake up and realize that they have a LOT of listeners, and the events they put on will always draw a large crowd. I think they figured since it was not a big park, or a city location, that the crowd would stay small and be easy to control. Not so.

To make up for all of this, my sister and nieces came over Sunday, and we had a little egg hunt in the yard. The girls were excited to hunt for eggs they had dyed, and even picked real grass as the egg nests. It was better than Saturday, and and best because it was family.