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Just a quickie October 8, 2009

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Life has been… stressful.

The auction date for the house has been moved to October 13, which is better than the 9th.

The garden has given up the goods (a few ears of corn, and some tomatoes and carrots). We cut the sunflower top off to let it dry so we can harvest those seeds too. Maybe we’ll have a whole bunch of sunflowers to cheer up the yard, instead of just one 🙂

I am temporarily closing the etsy shop. I will probably be re-listing the fibers I have for sale directly through the blog. I will just need to figure out how to work with paypal to accept payments through here. Need to take new photos too. Perhaps I should make a light box…

Any local knitters are welcome to join me on Friday at 7pm, at the Northern Pacific Coffee Company, located on Garfield Street, just by the Pacific Lutheran University. They have food, and coffee, as well as beer. Nice atmosphere too. So come, join us!