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Dogs, Fiber, Festival August 11, 2009

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Sumner Arts Festival was a lot of fun to attend! My festival companion, Jill, had her beautiful Samoyed with her, Topper. She spin beautiful yarns from his undercoat, which she brushes or plucks (but never cuts). It spins up a bit fuzzy, but over time, from wear and washing, it gets an amazing halo all over, so much so, that you cannot see the stitches anymore! The crowd loved Topper, and would joke about spinning his fur, and then be almost shocked to learn, that yes, Jill does! The yarn is lovely, and the mittens she brought to display were incredibly fuzzy and silky. I think I need a Samoyed! lol (PS, if you are looking for the yarn that was displayed at the Sumner Arts Festival, it was not mine, but Jills. Please leave me a comment and I will forward her contact info to you)

I did sell a bit of fiber, but don’t have my supplies available to put up in etsy (Jill held them for me to keep them out for sale on Saturday, as I couldn’t stay past 2pm), so the shop sits empty for now. I also got almost 4 ounces of Falkland spun up, and it is lovely to spin! So soft, and has great crimp. The single will be chain plied, and along with some pretty Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino fiber I have in Wish You Were Here, to make Makenna a sweater.

I also have a really big idea as far as fibers, yarn, and dyeing goes. I’d share more.. but I don’t want to let it all out, and then not deliver the goods. 😉

Our garden is doing great, as far as the corn is concerned. I think our soil was not quite right for the radishes and carrots to thrive.. and the tomatoes are doing fine, though with the drastic switch in weather, I am nt sure they will ripen in time to actually eat them!

Sorry for the lack of photos, my camera has decided to hide from me. I think I need to set out a bribe for the house brownies/elves/faeries. They seem to like to hide things from me!


Long time to Update May 6, 2009

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But not much to write. Just been enjoying the weather when it’s enjoyable. We’ve been workingon a garden (so far, tomatoes, pepers, romain and walla walla onions) and plan on adding corn, white and red radishes, and carrots.
Peanut planted her pumpkin sprout too.
I’ve carded up some different wools recently as well:
Gute (ancester to Gotland. It is a primative breed)

drum carded Gute Wool

drum carded Gute Wool

BFL/Silk (93/7%) Dyed using left over egg dye. Will become a shawl 🙂

Dyed BFL top carded with tussah silk

Dyed BFL top carded with tussah silk

And I’ve been steadily knitting a shawl using my own handspun too!

Handspun Laceweight yarn, Supergirl

Handspun Laceweight yarn, "Supergirl"