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Happy Halloween! March 10, 2011

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Getting ready for this Halloween seemed never ending! Miss M decided to be a cupcake this year and with some searching through google, I found instructions for making a costume. I had to substitute some materials, since we are likely to get rain here on Halloween, and paper costume would fall apart after 5 minutes. First, she chose to be a chocolate cupcake, so off to Joanns we went to get chocolatey brown fleece.

I read the directions, felt good, and proceeded to cut, sew and stuff the ‘frosting’. Unfortunately, I failed to read about adding 6 inches to each piece, and had to start over. Back to Joanns, and this time she chose bright pink, to be a strawberry cupcake. Carefully measuring and cutting this time, I sewed and stuffed just the two larger pieces, as she is too small to have a stuffed piece around her neck, it would have just been too high for her to be comfortable!

With her help, we glued on 18mm flat backed gems to be the sprinkles, and she’ll be wearing a cute cherry hat I knit for her.

Since I had almost a full yard+ left over, I decided to make her a matching sweater to wear under the costume, to keep her arms warm. I used a well fitting sweater as a guide, and traced it and took some measurements from it. After sewing the pieces together, I then added a blanket stitch around the edges, and added a knitted cuff, hem, zipper band and collar. I used the only zipper I had on hand, a adjustable length (but not separating) one. Good thing she can pull it on with out undoing the zipper! I plan on changing it out later, and maybe adding some cutesy black embroidery to jazz it up a bit.

doesn’t she look thrilled?


She was invited to a Halloween party on Saturday as well, and decided she wanted to be a Fairy Princess Ballerina. It’s never really simple with her lol. So we cleaned up last years costume and she added a crown, a wand, and I dolled her up with some rosy pink cheeks and sparkly eyeshadow. She went with her cousins, E (a monkey) and K (a witch), and their friend M (Iron Man):


The Saturday Party Gang


The Trick or Treat Gang

The Mr. and I also dressed up. I was a chef (I did make a huge cupcake! ) and the Mr. was a back-ally Dr (I know…)-


After trick or treating with friends and cousins, me and the Mr. went to see Saw 7 in 3D with friends. Seeing these movies has become a yearly event with us, so now, since the series is over (?) we’ll have to see what comes out next year!  It was just as gory as the other ones, and the 3D effect was used well. Definitely some jumping and screaming! We did luck out by going to a late showing on Sunday, in that there was practically no one there.


Hope you all had a great weekend!



Picking Pumpkins

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We love to visit actual pumpkin patches and this year decided to find one closer to home (we usually travel to ones farther out but were a bit crushed for time, as well as just wanting to be a it more fuel conscious). Mr found the patch info online, and off we went! It was lightly raining on the way, but we held out hope it would stop long enough for us to get some pumpkins and get home. We were lucky..

They had a field on one side of the road, and then a nice and neat area where you could browse pumpkins, try out the mini pumpkin sling shooter, and a corn field maze as well. The big box of tiny pumpkins were very popular with the little kids. M had 3 in her hands before I could even get the camera ready to take her picture!


I leave the carving up to the Mr. and Miss M. I do help (when asked) to draw faces or come up with ideas. While Mr. carved, M decided to draw pirate vampires on her mini pumpkins and add a big pirate on the back of Mr.s pumpkin.


Hope you have a Spooky (and safe!) Halloween!


ADORABLE! October 31, 2008

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I signed up for an ornament swap. But not just any swap! It’s LSG! and Tacky! Go me!

Though i decided to make a ‘tacky’ ornament instead of buying anything (cheaper for me). I decided to knit something, as I figured it’s an ornament so it can’t take too long to do.

And I found it.
It’s simple, basic, and so fracking adorable!
(ravelry page, pattern link)
I’ve made two as trial ornaments, using up some handspun that was a navajo ply of leftover singles on a bobbin. BFL in Melon (from Miss Babs)

korknisse ornaments 004

korknisse ornaments 2 002

Since my handspun was not worsted weight, I cast on 20 instead of 16. For the very long hat, I simply decreased until I had just 3 stitches, then knit i-cord until I had used up almost all of the handspun. I love these. 🙂