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4H April 5, 2011

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Through my husbands carpool friend, I’ve been offered the opportunity to get some fleece from a local 4-H. My husband brougt this up by saying i’d be getting some lambs fleece and could possibly get enough to also sell. Now, I’m not one to turn down free gifts, specially wool. What he failed to find out was that because these are 4-H sheep, the sheering can be sloppy (lots of 2nd cuts), the sheep are definintly muddy, and what breed they are.
The 4-H teacher (coach?) has offered me 2 bags full, so far, and my Mr. is going to be bringing them home any day now. I did get to meet the sheep and lambs and they were adorable. Definintly raised for meat and not fleece. The were pretty dirty, and afew had some pretty creative hair cuts! One lamb was particularly friendly, butting us for head rubs and trying to teeth on coat buttons and finger. I also learned that they are Hampshire breed (a down sheep, fleece being on average 54-58 counts and 30-26 microns) and got to handle a little bit of fleece.
If I am able to get a bunch, I’m planning on washing it well and then offering it for sale with 50% of the proceeds to be donated back to the 4-H.

Here is that friendly lamb:


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