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Whiskey River Beach March 10, 2011

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We recently went to Whiskey River Beach for the weekend with some friends and family. It was so much fun! We had rented 3 cabins, two on the beach and one, Look Out cabin, up on the hill. It was very cool having the waves break so close to the cabins, and the next time we go, I plan on staying in one of those, I imagine the sound of the waves would be nice at night!


The kids all had a great time looking for special rocks, shells and going on ‘adventures’.  After the first day, M had a pile of rocks and shells she had found on the beach. She also liked seeing the bald eagles flying, as well as the sea gulls. We even saw  family of otters!



The kids all loved the cabin with an upper loft space, where they could play and dangle a jump rope-tied monkey over the side, trying to tease the grown ups.


One night we went out when the tide was very low, and it was very dark, to walk ‘under water’ and see what we could see. We did find a little star fish and lots of sea grass. Not a whole lot more. It might have been better if we had taken more than one lantern! The flashlights just were not bright enough to really offer more than immediate light for walking.



The cabins were all pretty well stocked with dishes and cooking utensils as well as pots and pans. There were small fridges and an oven/stove in each cabin. Most also had wood stoves, as well as outdoor fire pits (bring your own wood for out side). The kids loved making s’mores and M loved to pay inside where it was always nice and cozy.



We loved the trail from the beach to the Look Out cabin, where you can see it perched atop the hill. That particular cabin does have electricity, so no soft glow from oil lamps and fire light, though you could if you brought your own, and chose not to use the electric lights…



All in all, we had a lovely time, and it was very quiet and peaceful, even with the seagulls !


I hope we can go back again, maybe in the summer next time. There are a lot of relaxing places to walk too, a nice small town near by and of course, the cabins are sweet and cozy and perfect for a quiet weekend of snuggling and staying indoors.


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