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Picking Pumpkins March 10, 2011

Filed under: fall,family,holiday — jeanius80 @ 1:47 pm

We love to visit actual pumpkin patches and this year decided to find one closer to home (we usually travel to ones farther out but were a bit crushed for time, as well as just wanting to be a it more fuel conscious). Mr found the patch info online, and off we went! It was lightly raining on the way, but we held out hope it would stop long enough for us to get some pumpkins and get home. We were lucky..

They had a field on one side of the road, and then a nice and neat area where you could browse pumpkins, try out the mini pumpkin sling shooter, and a corn field maze as well. The big box of tiny pumpkins were very popular with the little kids. M had 3 in her hands before I could even get the camera ready to take her picture!


I leave the carving up to the Mr. and Miss M. I do help (when asked) to draw faces or come up with ideas. While Mr. carved, M decided to draw pirate vampires on her mini pumpkins and add a big pirate on the back of Mr.s pumpkin.


Hope you have a Spooky (and safe!) Halloween!


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