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A bit of Catching up! December 11, 2009

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A lot to catch up on! Here is a (picture heavy) post from October .. I am so late on posting!!

pumpkin patch spider

giant spiders!

Jason and Makenna spent some time finding just the right pumpkins for carving. We ended up with 5 pumpkins (two for Papa, and one for each of us).

picking out the perfect pumpkin

Me and Makenna

They had a lot of really cool things to see and do at Spooner Farms. I think we’ll definitely be returning next year! Not only did they have those cool hay bale spiders, they had a large musical pipe instrument set up for you to bang on and make ‘music’. It was a big hit with the elementary aged kids there. They had the pumpkin house for photos as well as a giant paper mache’ pumpkin and a few other things to see and do (corn mazes and other activities- we didn’t check them out oo much, Makenna was getting tired). They also had a really nice store, with candles, seasonal decorations, and yummy food stuffs. There was popcorn, doughnuts, caramel apples, roasted corn on the cob and other delicious smelling foods to tempt you. It was almost overwhelming!

Here are our pumpkins we carved, we sort of cheated and used one of those carving templates. Otherwise, they would have just been simple ‘scary’ faces.

not so spooky jack o'lanterns

Makenna dressed up as a princess ballerina. Because of how cold it gets here, she is wearing sweats under her costume, and we decided to trick-or-treat in down town Puyallup, instead of after dark in a near by neighborhood.

Makenna, princess ballerina

And Makenna with her cousins. They joined us for trick-or-treating. The girls really had a lot of fun.

Kristina, the witch, Elizabeth, a fairy (Rosetta, I believe), and Makenna, princess ballerina

Jason and I went out with friends that night, to dinner and to see ‘Paranormal Activity’. We decided to dress up in ‘costumes” Jason was a priestly vampire, and I was his victim…

the vampire and his victim...

Sorry for the crap load of photos. I just never seemed to have the mojo to post these last couple of months! Nothing too exciting happened in November.. but we did recently re-do our bathroom! I’ll be sharing that soon, as well. (It will be a lot of photos as well.. though probably not as many as this post!)


One Response to “A bit of Catching up!”

  1. Rachael Says:

    So you two clean up pretty good! Hope you had fun. Love the little fairy princess!

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