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Vegas, Baby! July 7, 2009

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(pictures will be added later)

We are back from our trip to Las Vegas. We stayed at Treasure Island, which was a very nice hotel. Our room was on the 29th floor, with a view of the strip. We were able to watch the Sirens of TI show from our room, and see the fireworks explode at almost eye level, it was a very cool experience!

I kept trying to scheme on how to sneak home the huge, soft, perfect pillows home and the amazing top comforter as well. I have never slept so well! Jason loved the way the complimentary soaps/lotion/shampoo/conditioner smelled, so much so, that he joked with the housekeeping to leave extra. When we came back that evening, she did. He is now the proud owner of about 7 bottles of each, and 14 bars (2 kinds) of travel size soaps. Guess what we will be using next time we travel? It is great stuff!

We (sadly) didn’t get to watch the TI show at street level (or tour the ship- for TI guests only) as we always seemed to just miss a show, or had other plans during show times, but did make the effort to view the Mirage Volcano show. That was fun and really HOT! We also checked out the casinos/decor at Caesars Palace, Excalibur, Luxxor, Harrahs, NY NY, and admired the exterior of Paris, Palazzo, and .

The pool was not too impressive, compared to the other hotel pools we saw, but nice enough. It was CRAZY busy on the 4th, and our friends kids did a dance off at the pool.

Fremont Street was definantly worth the trip too, as the light show was amazing (Queen! and 3 live bands) and it was fun walking and listening to live music, getting a few drinks, and people watching. It was neat to actually be out front of some of the famous casinos seen in movies (Gold Nugget, ect..)

We missed out on the only fireworks show on-strip. It was put on by Caesars Palace. We were mislead by the front desk that only off-strip casinos were doing fireworks, but as we were walking the show started and we got to watch them from a distance (we were standing on the sidewalk, by the Sigfrid and Roy commemorative heads/statue thing) It was impressive from that distance, I cannot imagine how loud and awesome it would have been had we been out front of Caesars Palace during the show.

Overall, though, for other reasons, the trip was ok. I think Vegas just isn’t for me. I am not a gambler and the group we were with kept foisting the kids all off onto us. It made us feel like the fifth wheel on a double date, and none too excited to hang out with the others. we avoided them after we got left with the other kids and no way to contact the other adults, and the 3 kids ended up needing to sleep in our room for the night. Gee thanks! I think I will be avoiding group vacations from now on :/ I had been really looking forward to this trip since last fall. It was a bit of a disappointment because of the behavior of the people we went with. I might give Vegas another chance.. I’d still like to stay at Caesars Palace or Paris 🙂 Those casinos are pretty!


2 Responses to “Vegas, Baby!”

  1. Lana Says:

    I’m sorry that you seemed to end up as the resident baby sitter. That’s just not fair… 😦 and a Good thing that you didn’t need to get ahold of any of the parents for medical reasons. (kids do have accidents) Hope that the wedding went off fine.

  2. Rachael Says:

    We stayed at Ceasars when we went in March, it was great! Like you we had the kids so we didn’t get to go do anything (well, one night we went out to dinner and got to go out onto the strip for 10 whole minutes). Next time we’ll do it without children and have some real fun! Hope you had fun otherwise!

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