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A REAL Garden! May 22, 2009

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Planting Corn 001 Spent some time in our backyard garden! Don’t I look great in my sloppy tank and messed up hair?

Jason found a whole lot of worms when we turned the compost! We decided to relocate a few.. some into the vegetable garden, and a few into the front, where Makenna planted her pumpkin.

Compost Worms

These are the corn seedlings I started! Almost 25 starts. We are so excited to actually have a real, family sized garden.Corn Starts
We also have some carrot seeds in a little Jiffy hot house like pan (No clue what it is actually called!), along with some sunflowers and pumpkins for our nieces. So far, only one sunflower sprouted, and it got moved into a little pot. I let it get a bit stronger before I moved it to the garden. Fingers crossed that the carrots sprout! We all love carrots too.

A Real Garden!

See the center post, about halfway on the long side? I ripped out the grass to the left to enlarge the garden, before planting the corn. It was a lot of work, but also easier than I had imagined it to be. I think it helped that the soil appears to have previously been amended to be a nice garden. Not too rocky (which, for this area, was a shock!), and deep enough for the carrots! We’ll also be adding white and red radishes, after the carrots sprout.

garden, cherry tree, and compost bin
This would be the view from the back door. You can see our garden, and the cherry tree that Jason and Papa have decided needs to be hacked away, and our big old compost ‘bin’. We have used old wood pallets for the sides (two long, one wide) and left one short side open. It’s great compost! Un/fortunatly, we had to add a bunch of bagged up leaves, right before we got the garden started, so I wasn’t able to use any compost yet. Next year 😉


One Response to “A REAL Garden!”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Yay! a garden! I sooo long to have a garden. Maybe I’ll start one even though we hope to move soon. good luck with the growing!

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