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Road Trip… February 23, 2009

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I think I’ve mentioned before about my maternal-grandmother being sick. Apparently she had a heart attack in the last couple days, and (though she signed a DNR) they were able to save her. They aren’t too optimistic for her surviving much longer.

I am really heartbroken that I haven’t seen her in almost 2 years. I totally thought she was going to make a full recovery (which she could have, if any of her doctors had bothered to treat her depression … grrrrrrrr. Don’t get me started on that!). However, after my moms last visit, in this past fall, my grandma looked terrible. She had basically become immobile, and had swelling all over (she actually looked bloated all over :(.

So Jason is looking at taking the next few days off and the 3 of us going down to see her one last time. He really wants to fly, but it will be really expensive, with 3 plane tickets, a car rental and probably a cheap motel stay as well. I am pushing him to just drive our van, then the only additional cost would be a hotel stay. He HATES putting so many miles on our vehicle. It has already done two road trips to central California, and two to Couer d’Alene. To me, I don’t care. We don’t plan on trading it in or selling it, it has 2 more years of payments left, and I intend to drive it until it falls apart 😉 What is a few more miles anyhow? Specially if it will save us the cost of 3 plane tickets and a week long car rental (it pisses me off that it is cheaper to rent by the week than just a few days. I get why, but it sucks).

So, if you were expecting to see us this week, fret not, we are ok, just probably in California.

Also, Lunarey, THANKS for the Xbox! I don’t think Jason or my dad have done anything other than play it all weekend ;o) Jason even went to Gamestop and traded in some of his PS2 games for more Xbox games and a 4th controler … Does this count as a hobby for him?



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