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LSG Traveling Scarves February 7, 2009

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This February is the one year anniversary of Lazy, Stupid and Godless group on ravelry.com. Don’t let the group name fool you! Sure, some of us are lazy (I’d include myself in that category 😉 and there might be a few who are stupid (not likely) and of course there are some who are Godless (not me). Why the odd name? Because we are also a group of ravelry members who love to be grownups. We cuss, and tease each other with epitaphs like ‘twatweasle‘, support each other when we need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to bitch in.
From the group overview page:

This group heartily gives thanks to those who asked‘Is Swearing Allowed on
Ravelry?’ In this group you are allowed to talk about any kind of ‘bad’ behavior
you want, as long as you are usually funny.

Treat this group like a long weekend in Vegas, complete with hookers,
craps, and whole bottles of tequila. In other words, what happens in lsg, stays
in lsg.

To celebrate the one year of awesomeness that is lsg, some of us have decided to make traveling scarves. How it works, is that each person starts a scarf then mails it on to the next person, until each person in the group has knitted a 5 inch section (each group has less than 10 members- I think) and it gets back to whomever started the scarf. So not only will I have a finished scarf (actually two, I am knitting on a handspun group and a ‘normal/scents ok‘ group) but it will have been knitted on by a bunch of awesome people :0 I’ll have two completely original scarves to keep me warm next fall and winter ..
Here are my two sections I started:

malabrigo scarves 2009 progress 001
malabrigo worsted Merino yarn in “Peach Tree”
knit on size 7us, cast on 37
handspun scarves 2009 progress 003
handspun Merino, “Verdant”
knit on size 9us, cast on 36

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