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Musings January 19, 2009

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I’ve been putting off blogging for awhile. Probably because I just feel like there isn’t anything interesting enough to blog about. Oh well.

I’ve been thinking about what to do with my etsy shop. My current thought is that I am going to see if my LYS would be interested in selling my stuff on consignment. I am also going to switch over to rovings and batts, and maybe expand to yarns again, if it goes well. I need to get the roving here and dyed up, then approach my LYSO, if nothing else, I’ll be listing them on etsy. Stay tuned.

I’ve also been getting out of the house more often πŸ™‚ Knitting at the LYS on Fridays, Moonspiners guild every 2nd Tuesday, and recently, I’ve started taking Peanut with me to meetup at Rachels home for a spinning group (there are 4 of us). It is a LOT of fun to spin together, chat and let the kids play together! I even got the Mr. to come along this past Saturday. He admitted he had a good time, and Rachel asked if we’d be interested in joining them next time they have a poker night. πŸ™‚ MORE grown up time! WIN! I’ll also be starting to go to a Tuesday night bible study with my sister at our chuch. Hopefully it won’t be too crazy. I prefer my christianity simple (Love one another, golden rule type stuff, not 5 million rules).

Also, I am realizing what generous, wonderful people I’ve met and have in my life. Friends I have met through knit night (Hi Lee, Lana, Rachel, Kimberly ect. πŸ˜‰ and friends I’ve met through ravelry (Hi LSGers!) Some of these friends are people I get to meet up and hang out with IRL, and others are people I talk to on ravelry and have become a tight group. It’s amazing to me how having such a simple hobby (knitting; and from that, spinning) has made my life so much richer and emotionally satisfying.

Now, fingers, and stuff, crossed that it works out doing consignment at my LYS!

A recently finished yarn:

hot sapphire 1

handdyed, handcarded, handspun
2ply romney with angelina
180ish yards, 4 ounces


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