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(Not) Fishing Trip September 15, 2008

Filed under: fishing,hiking,Millersylvania State Park,park — jeanius80 @ 1:15 am

We went to Millersylvania State Park. Husband and Papa fished, hoping to catch some trout. They didn’t have any luck. In the mean time, Nana, Peanut and I went for a walk.

Peanut didn’t like the wooden boardwalk, so I carried her in our Ergo carrier.

She had fun later climbing over fallen logs and peering over the bridges to see if there was anything in the waters.

I love Washington… It’s so scenic and green. I am going camping more often next year! Which means I need to find a tent! We had one, but DH and Papa threw it away because it had been chewed on by rats in the garage. 😦 There were some nice camp spots too, open with nice room but enough trees for a bit of privacy too.

After our walk, we hung out with the men-folk as they fished. Peanut was having fun. Her Papa added her name to the dock, and then she told him to write ‘Papa’ and ‘Nana’ and ‘Romeo’ (the dog). It was a lovely day. Overcast but not too cool. I highly recommend this park!


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