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Happy, Happy Birthday, To YOU! (picture heavy) April 15, 2008

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So yesterday was Peanuts 2nd birthday. It was a fun filled weekend, and we were aided by beautiful weather both Friday and Saturday!

Her Papa Ray came over to stay for the weekend, arriving Thursday afternoon and leaving for home Sunday afternoon. It was a pleasant visit, and he seems to be in great shape, and doing well. He gave her favorite kind of birthday card, a singing one! (with money, which she promptly ‘banked’ when we went home.)

Her birthday party was held at a local Chuck E. Cheese. We went early, and I forgot it was spring break here, so our plan to avoid crowds by going during the week in the early afternoon was sort of thwarted. She had immense fun running around, playing in the toddler area, ‘driving’ the car, and throwing pingpong balls into the buckets (it was one of the games).

After a couple hours of playing, we had some lunch, pizza and parmesan bread. It was surprisingly good. The kids all played more games, then we sang happy birthday, blew out the candle and then she opened her presents. She really enjoyed it this time! And she seemed truly excited about each gift.

We then cleaned up, and headed to Grannys house, to play some more and just enjoy the wonderful weather. She found a pile of dried plant stalks, and decided to be a bird…

On Saturday, we all went to the park to again enjoy the nice weather. I love our park, it has nice easy paths, a decent lake beach, and a brand new play ground for kids. It also has lots of shaded areas to relax in, and ball fields too. It was very busy because of the lovely day, but even so, did not feel over crowded. We had a nice picnic lunch of chicken and fruit, as well as some chips and ice cold water. Peanut loved that we were having a picnic. She decided at one point that she was going to go alone to the play area:

She had fun sliding with her daddy, and swinging with her papa. It was a great day.

Happy 2nd Birthday Peanut! How fast time truly does fly, and lovely it is seeing you grow!


2 Responses to “Happy, Happy Birthday, To YOU! (picture heavy)”

  1. Bajanknitter Says:

    Happy Birthday Peanut!!

    Looks like you guys really had a great weekend!They grow up fast don’t they?

  2. Kristin Says:

    Happy Birthday! Isn’t it amazing how fast it goes?? Nicholas will be 2 next month and I am sort of freaking out about it.

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