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I know! March 18, 2008

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Sorry for the lack of pictures.. my camera made a run for it in the car somewhere on the trip back from Idaho. (No pictures from the trip, except of my aunt and mom with BAAAD highlights. ugh indeed.) ahem. I still need to search the van for it. when i do find it, pictures for everyone! YAY!

updates on the home front:
I still hate housework. truly and deeply.
I dyed my hair. It was *supposed* to be a rich auburn (after using the clairol.com try-it-on studio). Instead, my roots are a medium auburn and the rest is a dark auburn brown. I plan on getting a box of the loreal colour rays in red and ‘handpainting’ highlights. I have always wanted bad-ass hair, but never did it for personal fears that i will not be able to pull it off. Considering that i am very much a jeans and t or sweater girl, i feel like it will look too contrived since i don’t dress the ‘part’, KWIM?? Same reason i feel out of place at a tattoo shop, even though i love tattoos and am in desperate need of getting my back finished. *it’s about a 4-5 hour job, and i only have 1 hour of work done- outlines a a touch of shading..so saaaad 😦

Updates on knitting:
I finished the birthday dress for DD. It’s lovely and soft (crystal palace bunny hop yarn). It is also way to big. I got to the waist, did the two rounds of decrease, then you are supposed to do an increase round, and then another decrease round. i thought it looked to big. she REFUSED to try it in, so I rechecked my gauge on the skirt on about 6 places. Spot on 5 SPI. So when i finished the back and straps, i weaved in and trimmed all the ends. Very proud of my work, i tricked her into trying it on by telling her it was jammies. I could cry. The armscythes are HUGE and the top is so baggy. I am going to measure her, then figure out how many stitches i need to decrease the top by. I am also going to increase the number of rounds i do before casting off for the armscythes. They look like those muscle T’s from the 80’s. sigh I was so looking forward to her wearing this. it is adorable if she had gorilla arms and a wide chest.

Knitting DH a hat, The Boy Hat by Elizabeth Heath-Heckman. I am using the left over suri alpaca/merino yarn from DD christmas sweater. The main body will be dark grey, and I am using the dark green to add some stripes. I am pretty sure I will run out of yarn if i made it all grey. Should be very warm, and man approved 😉

I also plan on knitting Kirkcaldy from Berroco, using either a skein of Peace Fleece Dk in Antarctica White, or some soft BFL yarn i bought on ebay. I’ll probablt do the kirkcaldy toe up, two at a time so I don’t run out of yarn. That means they will most likely not be as high. I think I’ll use the Peace fleece and use the skein of Sakhalin Salmon (Peace Fleece) to do the toes and heels. They won’t be as soft as the BFL, but should wash up nice and last alooooong time 🙂


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