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other updates January 6, 2008

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I’ve been fairly busy with the home front. we finally have dd’s room in order. prior to the ‘makeover’, it was a mess. About 4 years ago i had painted the room a nice light teal. and for added interest, on one plain wall i painted a gingham check pattern in 24″ squares using the same light teal, a dark teal and a peach. i also randomly placed 24″ squares on the other 3 walls making it seem like they ‘escaped’ the gingham wall, and used the light teal as the main color. it was very cool. 😉 trust me

to get it ready to be our dd’s room, we scrapped the ceiling smooth (it was popcorn crap), and ripped the carpet out. Next we primed the walls and ceiling.

I then taped off the walls to create a top and bottm, and on the plain wall, i made a mural of hills with a stream. I lucked out and found wall stickers from the $1 store.

(see the old light teal color near the ceiling?)

after all the tape was removed, i added adorable wallpaper boarder (also found at the $1 store). i also scored some cordinating wall stickers to add near her window.

In between the painting and decorating, DH and BIL put in floating laminate floors (same as the rest of the house, they did a great job!

somewhere in all this, i managed to finish her drive-thru sweater, and knit her a christmas curly purly soaker, complete with needle felted hollyberries!


3 Responses to “other updates”

  1. Bajanknitter Says:

    Hi Jeanie everything looks great!!!Maybe I should hire you to do my room As well.LOL

  2. jeanius Says:


    I love decorating, and it’s usually mostly preplanned in the concept, with it open ti=o what i can find or afford to make it come alive. i still need to add some dimensional color to the hills and stream 🙂 I’ll probably get to it this weekend

  3. Heather Says:

    wow – wow – wow!!! All three are amazng!!

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