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tattoo, health, too late? July 19, 2007

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see this beautiful tattoo? it’s mine. i got this much done in December 2006. the artists’ name is Jack (lastname?). no website for the shop, but it is Tsunami Tattoo in Tacoma, Washington, in case you are wondering.
right after the tattoo healed, i broke out with psoriasis all along the tail/fin, her face/crown, and around the outline. i couldn’t go back until it was gone, because tattooing over the plaques would have been a waste of time, money and more painful than a regular tattoo.
i am a bad, BAD customer and never called Jack to tell him why i hadn’t been back in. it’s now July 2007. is it too late? i wonder if he even kept the drawings he did. i know, very bad etiquette on my part, but i still have issues with the stigma of psoriasis.
any tattoo artists reading this? what’s your perspective? he seemed like a pretty laid back, friendly guy. i want to go back. i really want this piece finished, as it will eventually also have three seahorses she is ‘playing’ with.

2 Responses to “tattoo, health, too late?”

  1. Fi Says:

    I’ve got a few tattoos and am friends with the guys who work at the studio – as far as I can tell they, more than a lot of people, understand that life gets in the way sometimes and it’s worth going in, saying sorry, explaining and asking for their advice on how to continue. They’re usually really nice people who are understanding as long as you explain what happened.

  2. JL Says:

    is that a chinese character there ? your name ?

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