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a baby blanket pattern i made! July 16, 2007

Filed under: pattern — jeanius80 @ 6:24 pm

so i was asking dh if his co-worker was definitely having a boy. he says yes. oh, and by the way? know how i told you they are due in September? well, they aren’t. they’re due in august! yay!

so i started a log-cabin-esque blanket. but it was way wonky. so i frogged it entirely. here is my pattern. i may or may not add a crochet border.

CO 44, PM, CO12, PM, CO44.
row 1,3,5,: K2, P2 to marker, K12, P2, K2 to end
row 2 (and all WS rows): Purl all
row 7: K2, P2 to marker, C6 in the back, P2, K2 to end
repeat all. On row 14, C6 in the front, P2, K2 to end

that is it! make blanket as long as you like. (i just started it, so i will post pics when i am done!)


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