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a little progress here July 8, 2007

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i know i just posted about knitting blahs, but really its just too many WIPs. i keep starting projects (that i really do want to finish) before i finish any! i don’t think i have much to show since i have started knitting (back in february 07). just a couple of hats and a scarf. ugh.

but here, look! i just dyed 4 bombyx silk hankies (4-5 grams a piece)

this is the top, and below, is how the bottom looks

i love how vibrant the purples turned out!

i also succumbed to the power of the Mystery Stole 3. this was recommended by another knitter on KH when i asked what to do with my lone ball of Zephyr Wool-Silk in vanilla. i have only completed Chart A. here it is! i need to insert a lifeline before i venture on to Chart B

i am really hoping the mystery theme is pirates. that would be cool. or bees. but please, oh please, no whales! i honestly think if it turns out to be fish or whales, i will frog the whole thing. *sigh*

and i have also been working on a simple garter stitch shawl. this is the pattern:

i started by casting on 1, then KFB, the K, YO, K, then just K1, YO,K all, repeat each row.

the yarn is a pretty 3 strand yarn. i would call it plied, but really, it’s more like knitting with 3 separate yarns. one is a royal blue boucle, a sky blue fine mohair, and a variegated thread (gold, royal and sky). add to that, i am carrying along a gold thread i bought from Joann’s for about $.50 a spool (i bought 4 for this shawl)
i really like how it is looking. this should be great to keep off the chill at home, or out in the evening in the fall/spring. i think the yarn is acrylic, but i haven’t checked yet. i am going to have to do a burn test. that’s going to wait until i am finished though, as i don’t want to burn some, and then come up short!


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