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a granny update June 24, 2007

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mom flew safely to grandma. as i suspected, my family needed to give the doctors time to check grandma and diagnose and treat her. after getting some treatment, she is looking better, but they suspect heart failure. not sure if it will be fatal or correctable. it was kinda disappointing how quickly my family (mom and her siblings) was to decide this was it, grandma’s dying and we have to go home to finalize things! i mean geez! give the doctors time to figure it out first. i think she will probably have to be on oxygen, and blood pressure medication.

i am hoping grandma and grandpa move from ca to id to live with my aunt. the weather would be better for them as well as not having to deal with my loser uncles who are family leeches. don’t chastise me. they are all in their 40’s and living at home, not providing any income or help around the house. my grandma (until she couldn’t anymore) would cook dinner for all of them and serve it to them too. ridiculous! one of my uncles actually sold my grandma’s car w/o her permission, for about $1500 (it was worth more- a classic in decent condition) paid off a ‘loan’, and gave her about $300 of it. what a complete jerk. i would have called the police and reported it stolen. i guess i can only feel so mad, since they have allowed this of behavior to go on w/o any real repercussions. grrrrrrrrrr.


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