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a somber post June 22, 2007

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i was going to post about how much fun i had at the knit night at my LYS. that’s going to wait …

i don’t really know where to start. my maternal grandpa has been battling a type of lymphoma cancer. since no one on my mom’s side of the family can pass on information in a reasonable or accurate manner, we believe he hasn’t had any treatment for 6 months. he now can barely walk. yesterday afternoon my maternal grandma went to the hospital by ambulance because she wasn’t eating and moving and had refused to go about a month ago (when she wasn’t as sick), in her words, “why should I go if bill (grandpa) doesn’t go to his treatments?” ummmmm because!?!!?
so now my mom’s family is thinking she doesn’t have much more time left on earth, since she is laying in the hospital, receiving liquid oxygen, with low blood pressure and not passing a decent amount of urine. and did i mention my aunt said she looks ‘blue’? so dh and i used all of our alaska airlines miles to send my mom one way. we will also be buying her a return ticket whenever she is ready to come home, or if we end up driving down next week, then she will just ride back with us in the van. personaly, i am praying that they get better or that grandma and grandpa pass on peacefully, as they would both be in a much better, happier, loving place. i will miss them, but i know it would be better for them. please pray for them. i am …


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