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pikes place market, yarn swap June 6, 2007

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we went to pikes place market (seattle) had had a great time. we went with the following people : me and dd, my mom, my sister and her two girls, my sisters MIL and the MILs sister. very fun. we bought yummy fresh fruit, fish, and they picked up some souvenirs to take home. the MIL also bought dd a very cute t-shirt. its black, has a pirate skull that is round like a smiley face. the skull is pink and glittery. around the skull it says “give me your booby!” LOL this made me laugh !! so funny since dd still nurses. will post pic as soon as she wears it (probably thursday)
we took some pics in front of one of the pikes place pigs, the girls thought the pigs were great. we ended our afternoon with lunch at red robins. yummm

as for the yarn swap. i can not make up my mind. i really wanted to get my swappee some yarn she cant get easily. i went to my LYS, and they didn’t have the particular yarn i was looking for, so i picked up a similar yarn. then she made another reference to this particular yarn, so i felt a little guilty. i ordered her some yarn online, from two different places, and figured that’s it. then guilt hit me again, so this morning i ordered the yarn from a 3rd vendor. geez. now i have 3 balls of yarn i have to use, otherwise i am way over budget. i think i will just knit her a quick bag with it as a gift, and include it in the second half. (second half of this swap is a knitted gift and/or knitterly goodies) gotta now put down my summertime tank to get it all finished. did i mention i am going to dye her some yarn too?


One Response to “pikes place market, yarn swap”

  1. Kaydee Says:

    You’re dying yarn for the swap….lucky partner you have there!

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