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yarn? May 11, 2007

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i love yarn. i really love dying yarn. i have been thinking about selling handdyed yarn on etsy.com. but, i have been wondering where to buy yarn to dye and sell. should i get a business license so i can buy yarn wholesale? or just buy yarn from online places like knitpicks, wool2dye4, ebay, catnipyarns….?? any handdyed sellers want to offer advice? i think i want to start small, and etsy would be the best way, of course i have hopes of becoming a good store with a big following and making lots of money on what i love doing! (duh, why sell it if i don’t want to make money?? i can dye yarn for myself and not worry about you, but i do. i need to dye yarn and you need to buy yarn. it’s destiny =D )
any how, now i am off to finishing dying my lambs pride worsted. its going to be used for my felted clogs. noro for the tops, l.p. for the cuff and soles. yummmmmmm


2 Responses to “yarn?”

  1. knit tips Says:

    Well I am about to try to die my first bit of yarn , hope it turns out well and I would recommend googling the question (;

  2. crochetbasics Says:

    wow. You dye the yarn yourself? They must look great. 🙂

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