Absolute Jeanius


yarn p0rn May 4, 2007

ok, first, here is my yarn swift i made! its big, but is works great! mmmmmmalabrigo, peach tree colorway, 2 X 215

artyarns regal silk, sunburst colorway, #135, four hanks. i plan on making a picovoli with this, and using colourmart silk in a canary yellow ( i will probably over dye the colourmart silk with some pink to make it more salmon colored to look better with the regal silk) to add a bit to the bottom of the tee and edging along the neck and sleeves.

some lion brand wool i handdyed using wiltons (of course) violet, royal blue and leaf green. two cakes, 158 yrds each ‘lizzy’s yarn’

more yummy mmmmmalabrigo, cuarenta colorway, one cake

mmmmalabrigo, alpine pearl colorway, one, 215 yrds

all that yummy goodness! i think the tie-off bits would be great to use to make felted buttons. i just can’t bring myself to toss them away!

enjoy the p0rn! i love how soft the malabrigo is, and how supple the silk is. i can’t wait to work with both. malabrigo mittens…malabrigo hat and scarf…. silk tee! oh heaven help me!


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