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is my stash bigger than yours? April 12, 2007

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if you have been reading my blog, you know i love knittinghelp.com. if you are a knitter, chances are you have a stash. (for all you non-knitters, a stash is a knitters acumulation of yarn for current, future and random projects, and just because it was on sale/pretty/soft/practicly free balls/skein/hanks of yarn. most knitters are very proud of thier stashes) on KH, inis suggested we have a stash contest, of course i am joining. i dont think i have a huge stash, but a chance to not only fondle my yarn, but take pictures and share them with people who understand?? you bet i am going to do it! so, with out further wait, i present you,

my stash

close ups and some random skeins hanging around the house

that last one you have seen before — its my hand dyed lionbrand lion wool. there are a few more balls/skeins of yarn that didnt get their picture taken. they were misbehaving. they are 2 balls of lily cotton, 2 skeins of caron simply soft autumn red, and a skein of the red heart soft baby that the dogs tried to eat….you can go to my flickr album for more details on specific yarn


4 Responses to “is my stash bigger than yours?”

  1. ILovely Says:

    Nice! You have some great stuff there! Better quality than mine, that’s for sure – LOL.

  2. letah75 Says:

    That red yarn looked like it might be NORO? Let me know what it is, ohhh, I want it, so beautiful. Deep rich color. Me likey.

  3. jeanius Says:

    yep its 10 skeins of noro… it was an awsome deal ($75), it wii be a set of clogs, a booga..and i will see whats left after that…

  4. Becka the Spoiled Knitter Says:

    There ya go, nice stash! I just did a bit of stash enhancement yesterday @ littleknits…I LOVE that place!

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